About Us

Since its origin in 2012, GECR has serviced over 100 remedial projects while staying true to our core values. GECR continues to provide excellent services with its dedicated staff and will continue to grow its client base. Our services extend to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York regions with comprehensive, honest, and efficient environmental solutions and lasting results.

Mission / Vision

Geo-Enviro Consulting & Remediation, LLC (GECR) is an environmental company that provides exceptional dedication and service to our clients while protecting the environment and improving the lives of people at the same time. GECR’s values are based on the following:


Developing strong and lasting relationships with clients without creating dependencies.


Innovating & developing new mechanisms to adapt to the client’s needs to complete the project at hand.


Practicing sound financial and project management that produces optimal results.


Being transparent and ensuring our client’s needs are met 100%


Environmental Scientist

Years of Experience:15

Staff Chemist

Years of Experience: 5

Project Manager

Years of Experience: 4

IT/ Environmental Scientist

Years of Experience:1

Professional Licensed Geologist

Years of Experience: 22

Licensed Site Remediation Professional

Years of Experience: 17